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50 Wellness Keys To Happiness

50 Wellness Keys to Living a Happy Healthy Life Make peace with your past. Have faith in the future. Find love for everyone but love some very deeply, this may require learning how to love and feel. Forgive yourself, forgive

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Tight Hugs I Like; A Psychotherapists Musings

Tight Hugs I Like; A Psychotherapists Musings It could be risky to admit this but here it goes anyway, I judge people, in social settings I categorize  to such a grand degree, some may say I can hardly help myself. You

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Bisexuality, Examining The Facts; A Weekend of Pride

  “All great novels, all true novels, are bisexual.” Milan Kundera With the kickoff of Gay Pride weekend, sexual orientation is something that may be on the minds of many here in Pittsburgh. Particularly I would like to examine the

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Love, Marriage, and Single, Couples Counseling and Relationship Cycles

Love and relationships, the eternal dance of distance and estrangement from love, we are all in the process of moving closer and farther away from loves enchanting melody. While marriages and long term relationships have their own challenges there too

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Relationships, to have, hold or do not resuscitate? Marriage Counseling and Thoughts

The abundant contentment which our long term relationships provide is for many the ultimate hallmark of a life well-lived. Our human bonds sustain our happiness filling our celebrations with glee and making life burdens a bit easier to manage. Romantic

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