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Anger,  5 Ways To Tell That You or Loved One Has a Problem

Anger,  5 Ways To Tell That You or Loved One Has a Problem Anger is a primary emotion that all humans and even animals exhibit in some forms, anger is an activating response and it can often even signal to

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  Relationship Wellness Checklist, A Mindful Marriage Moment

                                  Relationship Wellness Checklist, A Mindful Marriage Moment   Our marriage, relationship, couple-dom, is something that works based upon often unstated rules, we peacefully and

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Phobia Therapy & Treatment

Phobia A phobia is a fear or anxiety response of heighted arousal, ie rapid heart rate, rapid breathing, and thoughts of intense worry and this most likely leads to avoidance of the situation or object. Some examples of typical phobias

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Counseling Monroeville, PA

Our Licensed Professional Counselors include therapists who are trained in a variety of specialties including Marriage and Family Therapists, Child Therapy, and Certified Nutritionist, Kinesiologist, Clinical Herbalist, and Meditation Instructor are proud to be Monroeville’s only Integrative Counseling Center. Our Counseling

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