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Counseling and Therapy in Pittsburgh and Monroeville, Our therapists offer help for anxiety, depression, and couples in relationships. We also offer marriage and family counseling and wellness services. Read our blog for ways to manage anxiety and depression and enhance wellness.

28 Foods to Decrease Anxiety and Depression & Enhance Positive Moods

28 Foods to Decrease Anxiety and Depression and Enhance Positive Moods Food & Mood Series by Liz Mckinney, CNS, Board Certified Nutritionist “It is both compelling and daunting to consider that dietary intervention at an individual or population level could

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Trauma Informed Care; We Have Evolved to be at risk for Trauma; Here is Why

We have fantastic and astonishing memory abilities, the human mind and its processes, particularly in the way we store and retrieve the effective memories which then effect the way that we store and respond to our other memories and sensory

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Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention awareness


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Getting Referrals for your Therapy Business

  Getting Referrals for your Therapy Business We know that for many therapists and counselors who are starting out opening a practice the day your open is such an exciting moment. So many new therapists have asked us, how do

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Premarital Counseling Questionnaire

Premarital Counseling Questionnaire If you have recently answered ‘yes’ to a marriage proposal, then along with the rush of planning your version of the perfect wedding you also may also be considering whether you should be going to premarital counseling.

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The Dangerous Addiction that you use Everyday, Hint-It is not a drug!

The Dangerous New Addiction that you use Everyday, Hint-It is not a drug! In a world of highly demanding home lives and work lives, where performance is prized above peace and calm, there is one object which is the focal

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Anger,  5 Ways To Tell That You or Loved One Has a Problem

Anger,  5 Ways To Tell That You or Loved One Has a Problem Anger is a primary emotion that all humans and even animals exhibit in some forms, anger is an activating response and it can often even signal to

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  Relationship Wellness Checklist, A Mindful Marriage Moment

                                  Relationship Wellness Checklist, A Mindful Marriage Moment   Our marriage, relationship, couple-dom, is something that works based upon often unstated rules, we peacefully and

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Nature Therapy Reduces Stress

Green & Serene; Nature Therapy Reduces Stress Mindfulness, mantras, fitness and new age therapy are all devoted to finding ways to enhance wellbeing, joy, and alternately to decrease stress levels. Combating the effects of stress are increasingly important for all

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Agoraphobia Agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder that can sometimes co-occur with panic disorder. Its prevalence rate in the population is low, occurring in only about 1.1% of the population. Agoraphobia is hallmarked by a fear of leaving the

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