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 Trauma; Honor For Your Healing Journey

  Trauma; Honor For Your Healing Journey Honoring healing, Developing resilience. The four things your therapist wants you to know about your healing journey. When you’re healing from a grief, trauma, or resultant PTSD, you must be thinking about ‘how will I

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What are the benefits of a high fat diet?

What are the benefits of a high fat diet? Liz Mckinney, CNS, LDN continues to examine the big fat myth and share some more information and sample mean plan to incorporate the dietary changes of a high fat diet into

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Anti-Inflammatory Diet – Including Meal Plan by Licensed Nutrition Counselor, Liz Mckinney, CNS, LDN.

Anti-Inflammatory Diet, What it is, What it Does and Including a Meal Plan by Licensed Nutrition Counselor, Liz Mckinney, CNS, LDN.   Every standard anatomy course covers a section on inflammation, health circles and modern medicine studies how this physiological process

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28 Foods to Decrease Anxiety and Depression & Enhance Positive Moods

28 Foods to Decrease Anxiety and Depression and Enhance Positive Moods Food & Mood Series by Liz Mckinney, CNS, Board Certified Nutritionist “It is both compelling and daunting to consider that dietary intervention at an individual or population level could

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Anxiety and Depression During Pregnancy, ‘Wellness for People Like Me.’

Anxiety and Depression During Pregnancy, ‘Wellness For People Like Me.’ Writer, blogger, and art therapy graduate Angela Grace Wilt shares some of her experiences in recovering positive coping and mental health including ways to manage anxiety and depression during pregnancy. This

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Suicide Prevention

Suicide prevention awareness


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Meditation, The Number One Mistake Beginners Make

Want to Become a Meditation Master? This is the Most Common Mistake that New Meditators Make and How to Fix It! So maybe you have read the abundant data that meditation is one of the most fantastic tools that there

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Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss, Beware The Traps of Grief, Finding Healthy Coping. Grief is an emotional reaction characterized by sadness, hurt, hopelessness and intense longing for someone or something that is no longer a part of our lives. While there are

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Depression The cornerstones of a healthy and balanced life are creating personal meaning, savoring happiness, relishing success, the ability to think and produce ideas, to connect with others and feel good about ourselves. Depression is a major mental health disorder,

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From Us to You, Mindfulness Meditation to Celebrate World Peace Day!

Often when people like you and I hear the word meditation we imagine mystics high atop a mountain, something that is suited for seekers of enlightenment only. Yet many of us have often nurtured a hint of envy for their

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