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6 Tips for Harmonious Co-Parenting, Children of Divorce

Co-parenting, Children of DIvorce

 6 Tips for Harmonious Co-Parenting, Children of Divorce As they say, parenting is the hardest thing one may ever have to do, this statement becomes two fold when parenting as a single parent. According to The American Psychological Association, being

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April Rain Drops; Tear Drops, A Counselors Thoughts on Grief

With the passing of the seasons, the moist dew draping the landscape, like just maybe the earth herself is crying for one of the many seasons departures. Typically the subjects I explore are things that I find intellectually interesting, topics

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Four Parts to Loving from Wholeness, Marriage Counseling and Beyond

   Some incredible orator stated “Two broken wings won’t fly.” A healthy relationship or marriage is explicitly the product of the intentional and harmonious blending of two actualized psyches. True love and true life require wholeness and awareness. Self-help, self-talk, self-betterment,

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