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Wellness Hacks; 17 for 2017

Wellness Hacks; 17 for 2017 Our Therapists Have Compiled 17 Wellness Hacks for your Holistic Optimization. We fancy this list diverse and have included something for individuals, couples, and lovers, we think that this list is so good that it

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Shining Summer Solstice, Peaceful Gatherings and Personal Growth

The solar energy and entrance of summers dance beckons forth beads of perspiration and the cherry blossom glow if sun-kissed cheeks. It is time to celebrate the summer solstice and this year the earth has proffered abundantly with her flourishing

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Warm and Well This Winter, Cooling Cabin Fever, A Psychotherapists Musings

 It’s the time of the year for chills up and down the back, and not the kind that are associated with pleasure unless of course you are polar bear, seal pup, or avid skier! All of us here in the

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The Sun & Your Mood, SUNGAZING

What if your eyes and your brain are very much like tiny solar panels connected to your brain? The seasons change and often along with the departure of summer, fall and winter can be hallmarked by a landslide of good moods

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A World of Wellness and Psychotherapy

Wellness seems to have become one of those kitschy buzzwords, ever floating about, an aspiration, a lofty goal, just another on the list as “something for those other people.” As provocative or anxiety inducing as the term may be for

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