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 Trauma; Honor For Your Healing Journey

  Trauma; Honor For Your Healing Journey Honoring healing, Developing resilience. The four things your therapist wants you to know about your healing journey. When you’re healing from a grief, trauma, or resultant PTSD, you must be thinking about ‘how will I

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Grief and Loss

Grief and Loss, Beware The Traps of Grief, Finding Healthy Coping. Grief is an emotional reaction characterized by sadness, hurt, hopelessness and intense longing for someone or something that is no longer a part of our lives. While there are

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Awakening, Good Morning True Self, A Counselors Meditation

Is our fantasy of tomorrow preventing life today? There is a Zen saying which states that we should all aspire to be like a baby, experiencing each thing anew, recovering its wonder, in this we find peace, we find joy,

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April Rain Drops; Tear Drops, A Counselors Thoughts on Grief

With the passing of the seasons, the moist dew draping the landscape, like just maybe the earth herself is crying for one of the many seasons departures. Typically the subjects I explore are things that I find intellectually interesting, topics

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“How to work Through Guilt, a Psychotherapists Musings”

Written by us and as featured in Elephant Journal Guilt. Certainly we all know that haunting sensation. Even the most conscientious and heroic among us will experience guilt from time to time. Those living a socially mindful life often can’t

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