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The Psychology of a Win!

The Psychology of a Win! There are many reasons that the city of Pittsburgh and Penguins fans afar are basking in the glory of last night’s Stanley Cup win! If you are like many of the fans, last night’s win

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Pop, Rock, Loving Boundlessly, “Latching onto Love”

Repair or Run, relationship counseling

Pop, Rock, Loving Boundlessly, “Latching onto Love” These thoughts are inspired by recently listening to the popular song titled, “Latch,” a song that many of you might be familiar with, read closely, the lyrics go as follows;   You lift

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Anxiety; Pills and Possibilities, A Psychotherapists Musings

Who among us has not suffered from feelings of anxiety at some point in his or her life, it is common enough to be among the more often seen symptoms which bring an individual into a therapist’s office. Even for

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Wounded Warrior, How to Survive a Loss of Love, Divorce Counseling and Breaking Up

   Wounded warrior, How to Survive a Loss of Love… The termination phase of love is a magnificent hurtle or sticking point for many of the lovers out there. Even if all seems hopeless right now, I want anyone wounded

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Relationships, to have, hold or do not resuscitate? Marriage Counseling and Thoughts

The abundant contentment which our long term relationships provide is for many the ultimate hallmark of a life well-lived. Our human bonds sustain our happiness filling our celebrations with glee and making life burdens a bit easier to manage. Romantic

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Good bye 2013, A New Year and What Else

“A New Year, A New You!” and many other such positive affirmations are floating about the cool air, sentiments which promote longed for change during this momentous time of the year. This is indeed a very appropriate time for consideration and setting action

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Your Inner Voice, A Counselors Thoughts on Thoughts

Your inner voice, or more accurately, inner voices each of them tugging to be the declarer of your thought and action. Their presence is perfectly normal as they are the culmination of your past, present, and anticipated future experiences melded into your

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The Sun & Your Mood, SUNGAZING

What if your eyes and your brain are very much like tiny solar panels connected to your brain? The seasons change and often along with the departure of summer, fall and winter can be hallmarked by a landslide of good moods

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A World of Wellness and Psychotherapy

Wellness seems to have become one of those kitschy buzzwords, ever floating about, an aspiration, a lofty goal, just another on the list as “something for those other people.” As provocative or anxiety inducing as the term may be for

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Reiki, Raising Vibrations, Energy Cleanse!

Reiki Therapist Pittsburgh

Reiki is an ancient energy and healing technique, Imagine the setting as your Reiki master, attunes to you, tuning in on the subtly flowing outpour of your qui, slowly places her hands above key chakra points on your physical body.

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