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Physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational health for the whole family. We are a multispecialty counseling and therapy practice which works to achieve greater health for each part of you.

The Big Fat Myth

Open a women’s magazine or examine the back of a food label, you will find the ‘evidence’ there. It’s easy to find ready sources that say dietary fat is bad news for your waist line, cholesterol, skin, mood, you name

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The Dangerous Addiction that you use Everyday, Hint-It is not a drug!

The Dangerous New Addiction that you use Everyday, Hint-It is not a drug! In a world of highly demanding home lives and work lives, where performance is prized above peace and calm, there is one object which is the focal

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Dr. Zach Truncali, D.C., L.Ac Acupuncture

Dr. Zach Truncali, D.C., L.Ac, believes that mental/emotional, physical and spiritual health are integrally connected, and that health and wellness is best achieved through an holistic approach. Dr. Truncali utilizes acupuncture, Chinese bodywork, moxibustion, and Qi Gong to correct the body’s

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What is Nutrition Counseling?

What is Nutrition Counseling? Liz Mckinney, Certified Nutrition Counselor in Pittsburgh and Monroeville explains a little bit about how this works to enhance your health and wellness. What to expect: One on one individualized nutrition counseling based on your goals

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Be Your Own Beloved: Cultivating Self-Care

Be Your Own Beloved: Cultivating Self Care Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh, 830 Western ave, Pittsburgh 15233 Saturday Feb 10, 10am Being your own beloved means treating yourself with the same love and kindness as you would to a

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Integrative Wellness Group & Cardio for the Soul

Get in Motion: Move Through Life with Us Integrative Wellness Group & Cardio for the Soul Seeking individuals who have been wanting to utilize the effects of fitness to achieve greater physical and emotional health but have been feeling stuck

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Wellness Tip of The Month, Frankincense

 Frankincense We love wellness and always are committed to bringing to you all the latest and often times most historically revered practices to sustain and support emotional, physical and spiritual health. This month we are highlighting Frankincense. Some of you

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The Psychology of a Win!

The Psychology of a Win! There are many reasons that the city of Pittsburgh and Penguins fans afar are basking in the glory of last night’s Stanley Cup win! If you are like many of the fans, last night’s win

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Pop, Rock, Loving Boundlessly, “Latching onto Love”

Repair or Run, relationship counseling

Pop, Rock, Loving Boundlessly, “Latching onto Love” These thoughts are inspired by recently listening to the popular song titled, “Latch,” a song that many of you might be familiar with, read closely, the lyrics go as follows;   You lift

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Anxiety; Pills and Possibilities, A Psychotherapists Musings

Who among us has not suffered from feelings of anxiety at some point in his or her life, it is common enough to be among the more often seen symptoms which bring an individual into a therapist’s office. Even for

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