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Nature Therapy Reduces Stress

Green & Serene; Nature Therapy Reduces Stress Mindfulness, mantras, fitness and new age therapy are all devoted to finding ways to enhance wellbeing, joy, and alternately to decrease stress levels. Combating the effects of stress are increasingly important for all

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Spring;Bloom Beautifully Inner Landscape, from the land of Psychotherapy

At long last spring is finally before us, warming sun beams serve as a reminder that winters darkness is ebbing, unfolding to a new time of the year. Before we can finish with a blink of an eye the landscape will

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REVIVING LOVE IN THE STEEL CITY, Marriage Counseling and Beyond #ReviveYourLove

You love your wife, husband, boyfriend, live in lover, you have remained together “insert number of years.” In fact you are so stricken with these pangs of warm and gooey feelings that you want to put in the extra effort

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Cultivating Happiness

Cultivating Happiness Bliss, contentment, joy, with all of this jolly there is much debate. Are we birthed from our mothers’ wombs and onto the terrestrial sphere with an innate capacity to experience greater abundance of positive vibes or is a

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