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Mindfulness in Motion, Moving Beyond Anxiety

Mindfulness in Motion, Moving Beyond Anxiety “Now days everyone replaces their emotions with Fear” Paulo Coelho How much of our joy, our comfort, our desire do we replace with the sensation of fear and anxiety? We gain the promotion but

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50 Wellness Keys To Happiness

50 Wellness Keys to Living a Happy Healthy Life Make peace with your past. Have faith in the future. Find love for everyone but love some very deeply, this may require learning how to love and feel. Forgive yourself, forgive

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Breathe, Tips from Psychotherapy on Relaxation

Everyone does it. So if you don’t mind my asking, when was the last time that you really did it?  When was the last time you allowed it to propel you to the heights of Nirvana only to have it

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Reiki, Raising Vibrations, Energy Cleanse!

Reiki Therapist Pittsburgh

Reiki is an ancient energy and healing technique, Imagine the setting as your Reiki master, attunes to you, tuning in on the subtly flowing outpour of your qui, slowly places her hands above key chakra points on your physical body.

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Emotional Wellness

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