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Art therapy is a specific counseling technique which incorporates the creative use of art materials by specially trained and licensed art therapists. The therapy is a tool that the counselor uses to diagnose and treat many populations including individual of all ages children, families, and groups.  Art therapy is a unique strategy which serves as a safe way to deeper and fuller expression of a client’s feelings. It also acts to create a detailed and vivid record of therapy progress,  it is notable that clients will incorporate more color and greater detail as their symptoms reduce and they start to feel and behave in a more balanced way. While the art is created under the guidance of the therapist, the counselor also is able to interpret some of the major themes of the art. Art therapy assessments delve into the heart of a client’s issues without stress of verbal expression that is associated with traditional talk therapy. The therapy assessment gleans useful information that is later incorporated into the therapy treatment. Art therapy is an effective and evidence based therapy method used to counsel and heal people of all ages, and children especially love it.

Some of the typical medium used in art therapy are drawing, painting, clay, sand, and collage. All the therapy supplies are offered by the center and are free of cost. Art therapy can be useful for the whole family as a unit and as a part of their family counseling, many families who use art therapy instead of traditional family therapy find that this method is very effective to reduce conflict and enhance communication and contentedness in the home. Some specific diagnosis which have used art therapy are anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, grief, loss of a parent, divorce, trauma, and it’s also effective with clients on the Autism Spectrum as well as those with other developmental disorders. Art therapy is extremely useful with non-verbal clients as well as geriatric or senior clients as well  children as  young as 2 ½ years old.  Art therapy can assist people with reconciling past and present issues, including but not limited to trauma, aging, and grief.

This is a unique counseling strategy with specific potential and usefulness in identifying destructive interpersonal, behavioral, family, and personality patterns so people can break dysfunctional cycles in the future to live a more peaceful and balanced life. Clients who use art therapy as a part of their counseling report that they find the experience highly enjoyable and that children young and old are grateful for an opportunity to step into guided and scientifically validated method of becoming well while enjoying the subtlety of the fun and creative activity. Art therapy is not only reserved for those who are objectively good at art but can be matched to any skill level and is meant to be a therapy more than an art skill building endeavor. This form of counseling is covered by most major insurance companies.

We are glad to incorporate art therapy into your healing process and have an art therapist with 25 years of experience who has openings in the monroeville, pa area.

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