Gwen Zeichner MSW, LCSW

Gwen Zeichner MSW, LCSW brings over 20 years of experience in helping clients to become emotionally and psychologically well.  Gwen has a warm and directive therapy style which will assist the client in figuring out what they want out of life and then provide the opportunity to obtain the life skills to achieve it.  Gwen specializes in anxiety relief, communication enhancement, conflict resolution, coping skills for depression, couples therapy, family therapy, co-parenting, help for substance abuse, and life coaching. Gwen offers a solution focused style lending from numerous theoretical modalities including Gestalt, Psychodrama, and Adlerian therapies.  Gwen knows that it is often the genuine and compassionate human connection which is among the most important healing factors for you, the client.

Gwen received her Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh and obtained a Masters Degree from the University of Chicago in Clinical Social Work, Public Policy, and Community Organizations.  Gwen has an eclectic background.  Her former jobs include hostage negotiation, drug and alcohol counseling, and crisis intervention.  These high intensity therapeutic endeavors have shaped her into a highly motivated and effective practitioner.  She has experience working in individual, child, and family settings. When Gwen isn’t working with clients, she enjoys her personal time and always tries to make the most out of life. Gwen is most content with spending quality time with her children and her cat and dog. In her spare time, she is an avid sports fan having grown up next to the Rooneys and a true Primanti’s eating Pittsburgher! Gwen can be found cheering at the local stadiums in her black and gold as well as practicing all things pertaining to golf! Gwen is a pro of the trifecta, watching golf, playing golf, and teaching golf! Please email or call for a private intake appointment with Gwen Zeichner MSW, LCSW.


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