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Reiki Therapist Pittsburgh

Reiki Therapist, Teresa Blackburn MSPC,                  RMT, CECP Pittsburgh

Teresa Blackburn MSPC, RMT, CECP. Reiki works to raise vibrations, and to cleanse energy. It is effective to enhance the flow of chi in the physical and non-physical body, by clearing the pathway for energy to flow, Reiki allows physical and emotional health to be restored and enhanced. Energy is the subtle matter which flows within all of us, it makes the eyes sparkle a little more brightly, the voice resound with stronger conviction, energy allows us to engage and expand yet also energy or chi allows us to settle down and relax, Reiki is also helpful to reduce anxiety and stress among many other uses. In many ways energy or subtle matter is everything within us, around us, it is the source from which we were created yet it is also that which we are and will become again. Reiki is an a unique therapy, at The Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh and Monroeville we take great pride in providing wellness offerings both from old and new traditions, for people like us by people like us! Please read further in our services section for a greater explanation or contact us directly to talk about how this may be right for you!


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