Anita Barnhart, MSW, LCSW,

Anita Barnhart, MSW, LCSW

Anita Barnhart, MSW, LCSW

            Anita Barnhart, MSW, LCSW

Anita Barnhart, MSW, LCSW has been living her passion in providing insight driven, and evidence-based healing, to individuals, couples, and families for the last 10 years. As a therapist, Anita’s philosophy is to work with her clients in creating an expanded understanding of the thoughts, feelings, and motivations which are the impetus embedded in our losses, pain, and choices. The goal of therapy is to expand the availability of coping skills, to co-create empowerment, to replace turbulence with serene balance, to replace conflict and confusion with nourishment in our relationships, and to globally make changes that support our journey to find fulfilling ways of acting out our lives.  Anita enters this profession as a woman who has intimately experienced her own life challenges, she brings a deep wisdom and profound respect for the process of change. Whether emotional, psychological, or relationship challenges, Anita blends human compassion and experience with her academic training to provide healing and health in her work with others. She intimately understands that no matter where you are today, we all are capable of growing, healing, resolving our crises, replacing anxieties with calm, depression with hope, and the chaos of disconnected relationships with warmth and loving unity.

Anita has worked in a variety of settings over the last decade including psychiatric centers, hospital settings, and several private practice offices in the Western Pennsylvania and Greater Pittsburgh area. With her vast clinical experience and proven track record in the mental health field, Anita is prepared to manage a diverse range of mental health and wellness challenges. Anita’s specialties include, but are not limited to, healing from Addiction, Anxiety, Couples Therapy, Depression, Emotional Regulation, Grief, Loss, Life Changes, Personality Disorders, Relationship Challenges, Family Issues, Self-harm, Stress Reduction, Time Management, and Trauma.  Anita vows to provide therapy which honors the fact that while a person may hold a mental health diagnosis, every person is unique, and the pain of suffering extends beyond a label. Anita develops specialized treatment plans which honor each clients goals and special circumstances, by utilizing various treatment modalities from her extensive training, your healing and health become optimized. Anita has received advanced training in several models of therapy including Behaviorism, Conflict Resolution, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Mindfulness, Motivational Interviewing, and Trauma Focused Cognitive Therapy.

Anita is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh where she received both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Clinical Social Work.  She has completed training at the distinguished Cleveland Institute of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and continues to pursue various forms of education to better serve the individuals, couples, and families whom she serves.

When Anita is not providing counseling to her clients, she believes in the philosophy that ‘its not where you are but who you are with,’ in that way, she cherishes time with her partner, hanging out with her many dear friends, and being with her small, but close family.  She was born and raised in the Greater Pittsburgh area and currently loves being a ‘city girl’ residing in the Downtown Pittsburgh area.  Anita’s wellness routine includes taking long meandering walks, admiring Pittsburgh’s skyline, or riding her bike on the trails around the Point. Sometimes after a long day, Anita finds a peaceful seated meditation while staring out at our beautiful three rivers.  When she’s not enjoying the outdoors, Anita is an avid reader of everything from mysteries to psychology texts. Anita is an old soul and loves to wander when she can, some of her most cherished life memories have been made while exploring long winding streets during her international and domestic travels.

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