Kathryn Auen, MS, LPC, NBCC

Kathryn Auen, MS, LPC, NBCC

Kathryn Auen, MS, LPC, NBCC  licensed professional counselor, she brings over a decade of clinical experience in providing compassionate and effective evidence-based therapy to Individuals, Groups, Families, and Couples. Kathryn will be working in the Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh’s Monroeville Center. Kathryn has worked extensively with couples and families by helping them to resolve issues surrounding intimacy, relationships, stress, conflict communication, and many forms of co-parenting. She helps parents who want to develop the skills of raising children together in the same home as well as a parenting from between two families and households. Additionally, Kathryn is an expert in helping families manage the duties and nuances of having children with behavioral and mood disorders to minimize the impact that this has upon the rest of the family and their relationships. She offers ten years of experience in providing compassionate, caring, and professional services to individuals and couples to assist them with obtaining their goals for personal growth, through insight and emotionally informed behavioral counseling interventions.  Kathryn engages with clients to create a welcoming, validating, and judgement free space that promotes growth, change and well-informed collaboration. Kathryn offers hope and support, she recognizes that crisis and pain are opportunities for change, and that therapy is a collaborative process. Kathryn’s goal is to create a warm non-judgmental space where clients can feel safe to explore and develop new ways to manage life and family challenges. Kathryn’s clients report experiencing the therapeutic process as a place where they are empowered and encouraged to master the interpersonal tools necessary to understand and relate to others, to manage emotions, and develop keen and well balanced mental health for all around enhance emotional wellness.

Kathryn has a long professional track record of leadership in the field of counseling and psychology. She has helped her clients find healing in a variety of settings including In-home, Crisis Care, Behavioral Health Rehabilitation, Partial-Hospital, Family Based Mental Health, Trauma and Abuse Counseling. Kathryn has also conducted clinical research.  For the last 10 years her clinical experience has focused on supervising family-based mental health programs where she worked with other therapists to ensure that they were providing care to nurture couples and families to empower the lives of the families of which they were entrusted. She has completed extensive training from Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic in the Family Systems Therapy which allows her to work with couples and families to enhance communication, intimacy, and understanding in relationships. Kathryn additionally has experience in the administration of Mental Health Screenings and Assessments, Treatment Planning, Discharge Planning, Crisis Intervention and On Call Crisis, Case Management. As a leader and manager, Kathryn has been trained in, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Dialectal Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Trauma Based Cognitive Behavioral Training, Mindfulness, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Functional Behavioral Analysis, Conflict Resolution and Mediation Training. Kathryn has experience working with many acute and pervasive diagnosis including but not limited to,  ADHD, Anger Management, Anxiety, Coping Skills, Couples Counseling,  Communication, Depression, Trauma, Infidelity, Parent Management Training, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Relaxation Techniques, Relationships, and Family Counseling. Kathryn has helped clients with Addiction/Substance Abuse, Grief, Infidelity, Intimacy, Marriage Counseling, Mind-Body Awareness, Mood Related Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorders, Trauma, Related Issues, Parenting Issues, Personality Disorders, Relationship Enhancement, Relaxation Techniques, Sexual Behavior Dysfunctions, Stress Management/Time Management,  and a wide variety of other Mental Health/Psychiatric Disorders.  Kathryn is additionally trained in Marriage/Couples Counseling, Family Systems Therapy and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Conflict Resolutions and Mediation. In addition to her other duties, Kathryn is honored to provide supervision to master’s Level Therapists seeking their License in Professional Counseling within Pennsylvania.

Kathryn has clinical experience as a Licensed/Credentialed Intensive Outpatient Therapist working with couples, adults and family systems. She has experience with providing intake assessments, case management, and developing and providing clinically appropriate treatment plans that included an effective continuum of therapeutic and supportive care to couples and adults based on mental health assessment and diagnosis.  Kathryn has experience with assessing the changing needs of clients per guidelines for outpatient and incorporated the needs into the treatment plan reviews that reflected unit standards and measurable outcomes. Kathryn’s goal is to provide comprehensive treatment to empower individuals to reach their full potential.  Kathryn offers compassionate, caring and professional services to individuals and couples to assist them with their goals. Kathryn enjoys being part of an interdisciplinary team and updates and review client treatment goals and monitoring therapeutic progress, measurable outcomes and discussing future recommendations for referral and continuing care.

Kathryn’s goal is to provide comprehensive treatment to empower individuals to have the skills required to reach their full potential. She offers ten years of experience and as a compassionate, caring, and well-trained academic professional. Kathryn holds a bachelor’s Degree from the University of Pittsburgh and a Master of Science Degree in Counseling Psychology from Chatham University, where she graduated with high honors. Kathryn is a member of Chi Sigma Iota, a Counseling and Academic Honor Society, as well as The American Counseling Association. Kathryn has been a guest speaker at Chatham University for the Graduate School and is one of the founding members of the Counseling Psychology Graduate Program’s Alumni Association at Chatham that pairs new students with graduate students as professional allies and mentors.

Kathryn Auen is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Board-Certified Counselor. She is also a Member of American Counseling Association. Kathryn works hard to achieve balance and harmony in her life, and practices many forms of self-care such as meditation, swimming, yoga, proper nutrition, and balances work with leisure activities with her family and friends.  In her spare time, Kathryn enjoys reading about her passion counseling and psychology, as well as the more creative process of journaling. Sometimes when stresses mount and she wants to really kick start her wellness she cranks up the radio and listens to anything from classical music to classic rock while creating art. Kathryn is also an avid outdoors woman, she spends her summers frolicking in western Pennsylvania hiking, camping, boating, and biking, as well as star gazing any chance she gets.

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