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Anxiety and Depression During Pregnancy, ‘Wellness for People Like Me.’

Anxiety and Depression During Pregnancy, ‘Wellness For People Like Me.’

Depression and Anxiety in Pregnancy

Writer, blogger, and art therapy graduate Angela Grace Wilt shares some of her experiences in recovering positive coping and mental health including ways to manage anxiety and depression during pregnancy. This is a part of the ‘People Like Me’ Series of our wellness blog, real people, real stories, real ways to incorporate wellness into stages and experiences of everyday normal life.

Being a woman comes with a lot of ups and downs.  Women are prone to anxiety and it can be very hard to to admit.  For example, women are closely tied to the monthly cycles that their body experiences.  Things such as menstruation cause anxiety, depression, mood swings, and intense bodily urges with cravings.  Men never will get us or grasp what we go through.  We are just that unique. For as long as I could remember, I have felt that as a woman I am special and cursed all at once.

Then of course recently, as I have taken this jump into parenthood with the amazing biological potential of my body, quickly I have learned that while things like premenstrual dysphoria, and the normal anxieties and depression of menstruation are challenging, pregnancy holds a whole long list of unique and larger fears and physical difficulties. In fact, this is true for all women, and according to The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), between 14-23% of women will struggle with some symptoms of anxiety or depression during pregnancy. The shift in mental health have multiple sources, think about it, there is insomnia because our body is changing so fast that some women can be prone to rapid heartbeat, which makes it harder to fall asleep.  There is also the whole list of ‘what ifs.’ Will my baby and I make it to full term?  Will my baby be healthy?  I can no longer drink alcohol, ride adrenaline driven roller coasters, lift heavy weights, or really take any chances of too adventurous tasks.  With each decision I make, I consider the question ‘what will makes my little bump, a healthy or not so healthy baby.’

Physical and emotional changes are also thread within social fears and adjustments, I sometimes wonder, have I planned enough for this pregnancy that has in many ways, just happened. The truth is, I am not some 30 something who has been charting my cycle for 6 months to achieve conception, I didn’t plan to get pregnant just yet.  I thought about it sure, but just like most couples we wanted to walk down the aisle with a white dress of lace and flowers all  the scenery of our closest friends and family shouting us on, it was always my dream of being that princess and marrying my soul mate!  We still will have that for our future, but it will be after we get through the current stresses. In addition to the changes in my timeline, I also care about what our parents think about our having a baby right now. Having a baby out before marriage can be shocking for some religious and cultural values. We were lucky because my family is just fine with it, and with a little time to adjust, my better half’s is now happy about the news.

The list of anxieties and real practical matters which accelerate my concerns are aplenty, even small things have caused me stress, I have had to shop for insurance as a pregnant women, because I am twenty-six, pregnant, and didn’t have any. Finally, babies are expensive, health insurance is also expensive, we have stresses of finding better jobs, I have to go on insurance yet because I am twenty-six and don’t have any.  We are cleaning house and making a baby room. When all of these real life stresses start to mount very high, I can feel my heart beating faster, I try to stop and think of the things that we do have, I try to re-frame my anxieties and depressed thoughts in a positive light, I pause and I say to myself, ‘I have my boyfriend, our love together, and I have a supportive family. I have myself and my strengths, and I am strong and able.’That always seems to calm me down and help me to remember that there is much to be excited about as we move forward together as a young family.

With all of these anxious and depressed thoughts swirling in my mind, I have taken the time to put together a small list of ways that I manage and support my emotional health during my pregnancy. Of course if you are struggling with mental health during or after your pregnancy, talk to you PCP or Mental Health provider, get a screening for Postpartum or Baby Blues, every year women die or don’t bond with their babies due to maternal mental health factors. If you are like me and relatively healthy but feeling a little anxious or blue, then read on because these tips may help you as much as they helped me.

Use positive self talk, be your own biggest fan and encourage yourself like you would a friend

I say nice things to myself, I write little notes and post them through out the house, simple thoughts like,’ Rome was built in a day’ ‘We will get everything done in time.’ We’re already almost half way there at twelve weeks.  It’s just a wild ride.  My body is going through so many beautiful changes. Tune in, all of my emotions are heightened.  Hunger is giving me nourishment now.  Sleep is always appreciated.  Sex is fierce and always wanted.  Sadness and anger are intense.  I have energy that comes out of nowhere.  Its ok if sometimes I can’t stop crying.  I love my baby and baby’s daddy and not want anything more than to be with just them and them alone.  I want the best by our new child.  I want to give it proper nutrition and a good home life.  I want to be a good parent and my baby to grow in a family where love is the answer and anger is dealt with in a healthy supportive manner. I will protect this baby with all that I have.  This child’s needs and wants are now first.  I am ready to teach this baby proper education, morals, respect, and spirituality.

Its normal to be overwhelmed, life is now changing! 

Anxiety,stress, and fear are the norm when we are overcoming big changes. ways just important to remember that having a baby is a life changing experience. Normalizing the emotions that I am experiencing helps me by making me not feel the guilty, ashamed, or odd for having these dips and emotional shifts.

Reach for your Tribe!

Please remember, you are not alone.  You are a powerhouse and you have many people who will listen and talk. Make a list of 5, if you can not list at least 5 people who will pick up the phone for you, see a therapist and talk about the feelings of isolation and loneliness. Mom, dad, best friends, siblings, make a list and think about who is the best person to talk with through the things that come up. It will likely be a different person for each of situations that one may encounter on the pregnancy journey.

Use your breath

The body and its breathing are powerful, breathing can be used to energize and manage our response to stress. Take some deeps breaths every day.

Make a Wellness Routine

Do calming relaxing type activities like yoga, walking in nature or just walking, stretch, journal, and keep time for yourself  to collect your thought and consider the daily experiences that you are managing.  Essential oils can help ease the mind and emotions and of course be sure to choose blends that are safe to use during pregnancy.

Bond with your baby 

Talk to your baby while its in the womb, there will likely be a time after your baby is born that you are longing to be so closely connected to him or her again, try to cherish these moments and zoom out towards the big picture where you are nurturing a sacred bond right now in your womb. Being a woman is very special, and this connection, with baby snugly centered in my sacral area, right as my mother and my mothers mother have always done, this is something that men can not understand, but I am ok with that.

We are powerful, we are able to make changes that influence the outcomes of our life. Pregnancy like all things, is what you make of it.  Do your best to stay positive by thinking of the new exciting things that can be done all in great fun with your new family together.  Your love of baby and yourself will take you far. Be gentle with yourself when you notice the stress, anxiety, and fear of the 9 months ahead. This is a special time that can be used to get really healthy and in tune with your bodies needs. As always, seek medical help from a PCP, Gynecologist, or Licensed Professional Counselor if you have concerns about your mental health.



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