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Family Therapy is a kind of counseling which can help two or more people of a house hold gain tools and understanding so that they are better able to support and relate to each other. Some common reasons that people seek out family counseling is that they have been disagreeing or fighting, someone in the family is struggling with a mental health or medical diagnosis, they are estranged, there has been abuse, someone is struggling with addiction, there has been a death in the family, managing divorce, remediation and co-parenting.In times of greater stress, we need each other most, yet stressful situations can also exhaust the emotional and psychological resources of the family system. Therapy can help to ease the transition through life circumstances. We have options for children too, including art therapy, family systems therapy, and helping families with diagnosis of concerns such as anxiety, depression, and developmental disorders.

We are experts in family and marriage counseling and have helped many kinds of families including, parents and children, parents and adult children, siblings, aunts, uncles, step families and grandparents all find ways to enhance their relationships. Relationships matter and when there is conflict in families it takes a strain on everyone and we are glad to help each of the family members to be heard, understood, and to work towards being reconnected. Each family is slightly different and by using emotionally focused therapy, systems family therapy, and non-violent communication, we are able to help slow down the dialogue so that everyone can be empowered by the lens of understanding, our therapists are judgment free and focused on using our expertise toward bringing empathetic solutions to your family. In times of greater stress

The therapies and counseling techniques that we use are a compassionate science and are proven to help groups of people to understand each other on a different level. We know that when communication is enhanced and uses the therapeutic approach the family is able to engage better problem solving strategies and closeness as well as come to create real and healthy boundaries. Therapy allows the family to implement tools which create connection. We also offer many other resources for the family including workshops with many different areas of focus.

Many of our therapists have been counselors and in management for many years prior to working in our center and we are proud to offer the couples, families and individuals who come to our center a standard of excellence in counseling and therapy in Pittsburgh and Monroeville. The Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh and Monroeville is a name that you can trust with your family, your health and wellness. Additionally, we offer marriage counseling which is a therapy devoted to the intimate growth of your loving bond, read more about couples counseling in our centers. We are also thrilled to share that we now offer play therapy and child therapy in both of our centers.

We accept most major insurances and are also proud to offer a sliding scale because we believe that it is our mission and honor to serve all members of our community who are striving for their families and relationships to be preserved and enhanced. We are glad to answer any questions that you may have via email or phone inquiry.


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