Grief Counseling

Grief Counseling

Grief is an exquisite pain and the loss of a loved one due to death, or the loss of a partner or other important relationship results in emotional agony. While there is no way to expel the human reaction to painful separation, counseling can assist you in responding to your emotions in a way that supports positive emotional health and the acceptance of the realities of your loss. You may be wondering if you should seek counseling, to read more about the pit falls of grief, follow here. If you think that this form of therapy is right for you or if someone has recommended that you seek out grief support our Counseling Center is here to provide multi-modal support for your grief process and to lead you toward total recovery.

Grief counseling is a unique kind of therapy, as grief itself is different from other forms of emotions or mental health diagnosis such as depression. Grief counseling respects that each person will have individual reactions to their hurt, there is no time line that can truly accurately assess when the hurt will stop aching. It is also likely that life will be forever transformed by the power of losing someone very special. It is also true that losing someone who we were estranged from, or we had some conflict with is sometimes even more troubling than other kinds of grief.

Some goals of grief counseling are as follows;

  • To label and assist the client in determining which parts of their hurt and loss are normal and to assist the client in developing resistance to any further negative or destructive patterns related to grief.
  • To activate internal and external resources to help in the processing and recovery from grief.
  • In establishing a standard and vision for the new normal, as dubbed the part of life following the loss and processing of grief.
  • To aid the client in making the emotional adjustments to respond to their unique emotional reactions in a constructive and healthy way.
  • To serve as a guide in providing psycho-education on the stages and process of grief.
  • To diagnose and complications in bereavement and to assess for the need for further kinds of therapy.

We also understand that grief takes on many forms, we are equipped to provide grief counseling for many kinds of losses.

  • Child, adolescent, teen grief counseling including art therapy as an option.
  • Family grief counseling when a loss has impacted the entire family system we can provide support to ensure that coping is healthy and nobody is further suffering the effects of distance or alienation.
  • Individual adult grief counseling for loss of loved one due to death, or divorce, or separation.
  • We do have one Christian counselor on staff who specializes in providing a spiritual focus to your healing.
  • Grief counseling for Pet loss, pets are often like children and mourning the loss of a fur child often requires support.
  • Crises support, when an individual or family has had a sudden loss or event, mediation and support from a counselor can be the best way to assist in managing the emotional impact.

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