Martha Laux, LSW Wellness Counselor

Martha Laux, LSW is dedicated to providing counseling and therapy to help you achieve complete empowerment. Martha’s individualized counseling approach will lead you toward the sustainable goal of balance and wellness as you step beyond the hurdles preventing you from enjoying a fuller and richer life. Martha has successfully been a therapist and an instructor in a variety of settings and brings many competencies to her title as psychotherapist at The Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh; she is an International Instructor in Crisis Prevention, she is a clinically certified expert in the treatment of Depression, Anxiety, and Mood disorders, she is certified in EMDR reprocessing, she has helped clients resolve symptoms from trauma, and additionally, she is a Licensed Career/Life Coach Counselor.

Martha knows that every person holds a unique set of concerns and as your therapist she is dedicated to walking the path of self-discovery together with you. Martha’s promise is to provide you with coping skills, identifying causations, and practical solutions/treatment for the patterns of the entire disorder, not just one symptom. This therapeutic method is: ‘TOGETHER WE WILL SPARK CHANGE AND ENABLE YOUR NATURAL HEALING ABILITIES.’

For over thirty years, Martha has provided result-based, comprehensive, full time, licensed counseling to individuals, couples and families. Martha has obtained an astonishing four degrees from the University of Pittsburgh including a Masters in Social Work/Psychology (Cum Laude) and Masters in Counseling/Education. As a graduate and active alumna with the Benedictine Academy, she focuses on the practice of the Monastic values of faith, hope, and love. Martha has served as a Field Instructor with three Pittsburgh Universities. Martha has also served two years with the Peace Corp and VISTA Program as an Administrator.

Beyond Martha’s impressive clinical skills and certifications, she is a true Pittsburgher. Martha is quoted as saying “I was proudly born and raised on the North Side of Pittsburgh, and I am thrilled to continue to offer therapy to the people of my community.” Martha enjoys world travel with educational tours as well as scuba diving. Martha has a daily practice of Mindfulness Meditation and Hatha Yoga; and she also holds a brown belt in Judo. In her downtime, Martha can be found in nature hiking with friends/family and furry Labrador “Geronimo.”

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