Holly McIntosh, Meditation Instructor

Private Meditation Instruction

Private Meditation Instruction

Holly McIntosh is a Meditation Instructor and Holistic Practitioner and who is lucky enough to split her time between the Steel City and her family’s winery and vineyard in Washington County.

Her love of and commitment to self development, spirituality, health and wellness, social justice, community outreach, and entrepreneurship runs deep.

She has studied various forms of meditation for over 10 years, most recently spending the last five years studying at the Shambhala Center of Pittsburgh, with Acharya Adam Lobel, and at The Boulder Colorado Center with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. During this time she has also shared the teachings with the inmates at Allegheny County jail and students at Little Wound School in Pine Ridge, SD.

As a Level 3 Reiki Practitioner, she has taught and shared the gifts of energy healing and transmission with hundreds of people including the people she met and worked with during a three-week Sacred Geometry December 2012 tour of Mexico with Mayan scientist and philosopher, Ac-Tah.

Holly is available to meet with clients at our location at the rate of 100.00 per hour for private meditation instruction.

Holly expertise as a meditation leader borrows from her spiritual self as well as her personal experiences which include emotional trauma, health issues and weight loss. She has participated in Handel Life Coaching’s Coach-In-Training program, as well as immersing herself in studying everything she could about health and wellness such as healthy eating, juicing, cleansing/detoxing, essential oils, herbs, plant based medicines, tapping, and mindset work.

As the oldest of six kids, and a survivor of suicide, she began to become fascinated with human development and became obsessed with studying anything she could get her hands on, from the Meyers-Briggs’ Model to astrology.

Her experience working as the Manager of Community Outreach for the Office of the Mayor, helping to start and build many small businesses and nonprofit organizations, along with helping to run her family’s business set her on the path to becoming a serial entrepreneur.

Her diverse and exciting background eventually led her to start her own coaching and consulting company where she works with people, businesses, and organizations who want to create massive changes and shifts whether it be health and wellness, business, creative, or spiritual.

Her most recent projects include:
Director of Community Outreach for the Shambhala Center of Pittsburgh
Chief of Communications & Digital Strategy for PersonalityHacker.com
Team Lead for the Lakota Summer Camp at Little Wound High School in Pine Ridge, SD

Please reach out to schedule an appointment with Holly or with any questions!


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