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Pamela Wood, MS, LPC, NCC licensed counselor.

Pamela Wood, LPC, NCC is a licensed professional counselor and a highly trained mental health therapist  who excels in providing individual, couples, and family counseling to the diverse members of The Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh’s North Side and Downtown community. Pam has a holistic counseling style and an integrative approach to healing the stresses of the mind, and body. She has vast clinical experience in helping individuals achieve balance and wellness including aiding in the recovery from many relational concerns as well as mental health disorders. Some of the diagnoses which Pam is trained in working with, include but are not limited to; anxiety, depression, anger, grief, mood disorders, personality disorders, intimacy, communication, work-life balance, mindfulness based stress reduction, parenting, dual diagnosis, substance abuse recovery, women’s issues, and she also has further advanced training in providing trauma informed care. Pamela is passionately caring and well informed in assisting  her clients with evidence based counseling strategies to produce behavioral change, emotional insight, as well as emotional support. She is an advocate for her clients emotional health, and she believes in helping clients gain the skills which will lead to the preservation of all diverse types of loving intimate relationships and families.

Pam has a long academic training history which continues into the present day as she is currently completing her coursework to receive a PhD of Education and Counseling. Pam obtained her Masters of Counseling Psychology from Waynesburg University and her Bachelors of Science in Psychology from West Virginia University. While Pam loves to work as a therapist for individuals and couples, counseling is Pamela’s second career. Her first is being a Union organizer for CWA and SEIU and she is also the Executive Director of a Non-profit organization with similar social justice roots. One of the things that Pam is most proud of in her life is having been awarded the ‘Mother Jones Hell Raiser Award’ by the AFL-CIO, an achievement which recognizes her tireless efforts in providing advocacy to workers’ rights and ceaselessly championing for the deliverance of social justice. She is especially drawn to balancing civil and societal issues surrounding feminism and women’s equality. Pams passion for healing and helping continues on to her love of nature in addition to being a licensed therapist, Pam is a licensed clinical herbalist. She has a retail line, Celtic Roots which is set to come out in 2019, the line will offer natural healing balms, custom blended teas, and hand-made tinctures for healing and accelerating whole body health.

In her personal life, Pamela is proud to say that she was born and raised in the Northern Panhandle of West Virginia. Pam is the Granddaughter of hard working immigrant coal miners who settled in West Virginia from Scotland. Family takes the forefront in Pam’s downtime, she is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother, and many of her roots remain in Scotland which is the birth place of her husband and still the home of her step-children and grandchildren reside. Pam’s daughters are here in Pittsburgh and her grandson James is just a couple of months away from being born. Pam’s own wellness plan includes prioritizing connecting with her family over home cooked meals on lazy Sundays. In addition to family time, her greatest passion is gardening, she says there is a distinct pride that comes from tilling her own earth to produce fresh herbs which she then hand crafts into her oils, teas, and culinary masterpieces.

To gain an appointment for Individual, Couples, or Family Counseling with Pamela Wood, MS, LPC, NCC, please reach out to the Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh at 412-322-2129 or 412-856-9355. We also accept email inquiries for appointments at

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