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Our Therapists 4 Favorite Mindfulness Meditation Apps

Check out our therapists top pics for mindfulness enhancing apps to deepen or begin your meditation practice.

Our therapists top picks for mindfulness enhancing apps to deepen or begin your   meditation practice.

                                                  Our 4 Favorite Mindfulness/Meditation Apps

Its that time of year when stresses are high and the promise of a new year will start the search for which shiny tools and objects to help us reach our most Mindful and Meditation Zenned-Out Enlightenment. Our therapists have collaborated to compile a list of meditation and mindfulness based apps that we believe do a great job at assisting wellness seeking users in the creation of greater peace, clarity, awareness, and stress relief. The benefits of mindfulness and stress relief are a ten-fold and apps are an excellent resource to hone in on the merger of technology and wellness, here is what our therapists have come up with for you!


Headspace is a guided meditation and mindfulness app that offers users a variety of mediation styles to begin their practice. This is suitable for those who are interested in starting their meditation journey and gives the added benefit of graduation to various levels after having mastered each step. This app also has a feature to choose the kind of mediation that you are wanting to focus on with options such as anxiety and stress reduction or performance enhancement. User friendly and readily available in your app store. check it out at

Mindfulness meditation to promote mind body connection and connection to the greater universe.

Mindfulness meditation to promote mind body connection and connection to the greater universe.

Mindfulness App

This is one our absolute favorites for helping the user foster greater mind-body awareness. In addition to various meditation settings we are also able to set reminders which sound an alert at various times through the day and then cue our attention to pausing and taking a moment to breath or to assess our feeling state. check it out at

Smiling Mind

Enhance peaceful awareness and relaxation

Enhance peaceful awareness and relaxation

This is an excellent tool for kids as well as teens and adults. With exercises and devices to enhance compassion and kindness this is an empathy building app that devotes itself to making the world a better place, one head space at a time. Additionally, this one is free, who could argue with that! check it out at


This is designed specifically for advanced meditators and mindfulness aficionados, the options are a plenty where you can choose to use music or without music, as well as options for chanting. What is especially helpful about this app is the option to track your heart rate, with the ability to slow the heart rate being one of the best benefits reported by long time meditators this hones in on the development of that stress relieving, longevity enhancing potential. check it out at

Mindfully, Meditated, and always yours,

The Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh Team!

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