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Parent child interaction therapy is a specific evidence-based method of treating young children who may be experiencing behavioral, emotional, and even conduct problems at home or school. As a parent, it is overwhelming when there a problems happening with your child and you do not know how to help them to make things better. Diagnosis such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, reactive attachment disorder, trauma, behavioral problems, truancy, acting out, and divorce are all issues that can be helped with the lens of this form of child therapy. PCIT is made specifically to offer support for both the parent and for the child, this behavioral form of therapy to finds ways to enhance parents or other primary caregivers to use the benefits of a scientific approach which will enrich interactions with their children. The premises which PCIT operates upon are to create authoritative relationships that are securely attached as well as nurturing, supportive, and in well-balanced control. The ‘Authoritative style’ is a form of parenting which has been studied by psychologists to have great outcomes in giving the parents the ability to fostering close relationships with their children’s and also find ways of offering feedback and behavioral modification to kids who may be struggling with a mental health or behavioral diagnosis.

What to expect from your PCIT experience;

One or both parents may be present for the sessions, the treatment begins with an initial session and sometimes two, the entire therapy treatment usually span over 12-15 sessions including the initial diagnostic sessions.

The first sessions will provide and opportunity to collaborate with the parents and child and the therapist will form a diagnosis and create a treatment plan. In later treatment sessions, the Parent Child Interaction Therapist will observe the parent and child from a remote viewing area. The therapist will speak to the parent through a listening device or small ear bud microphone and help to provide some scientifically validated ways to offer behavioral change for the child who may be acting out, and other alternate methods of providing emotional support. All of the interactions will be centered around finding helpful tools, after the viewing session, parents will meet with the therapy specialist to go over the session. Most parents report that these interventions are such a relief, this is especially true for the parent who may have tried everything to help. The science behind PCIT has proven that these techniques will enhance the interactions between parent and child finding new ways to manage problem behaviors and have a more relaxed relationship where both parent and child feel empowered and connected.

We know at The Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh that parenting is the greatest challenge that most people ever face, full of twists and turns and all fueled by the desire to provide loving support. Our wellness center creates opportunity to empower families and fulfill every parents wish to have their children to grow into happy, healthy, and well-adjusted adults. Family support gives parents the chance to leave out the guess work by using this evidence based and psychologically verified way of helping their kids.

Please look at our other list of child therapy options, including traditional talk therapy, and art therapy which are available at all of our centers serving adults, individuals, children, families, couples in Western Pennsylvania.

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