Adam Jannon-Fischer, MSW, LCSW

Adam Jannon-Fischer, MSW, LCSW offers counseling and therapy out of our Pittsburgh location.  A third-generation mental health professional and for nearly a decade, Adam has been offering counseling services to individuals, couples, and families seeking greater harmony within themselves, and in their relationships with others.  Throughout his professional experience, Adam has offered support to clients healing from depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, regaining intimacy, understanding, and forgiveness.  Since 2010, Adam has worked extensively providing support to individuals, couples, and families facing challenges related to chronic illness and/or end of life, including caregiver stress, grief, bereavement, anticipatory grief, legacy, and dignity.  Though these topics are uncomfortable for any of us to think or talk about, there is a beauty in learning that even when facing the end of one’s life, there remains an opportunity for the individuals coping with these mental health concerns to learn, grow. Adam has specialized in helping others to deepen their appreciation for rich fabric of their own lives and to create an ever deepening connection to those precious others around them, even in late stage life and crises.  It is never too late, nor too soon to begin the journey to wellness and self-actualization.  Adam has an eclectic approach to the therapeutic process which is heavily influenced and informed by cognitive behavioral therapy, rational emotive behavior therapy, and mindfulness.  As a therapist, Adam seeks to create an open, positive, and empowering therapeutic collaboration with his clients, it is through this kind of counseling approach that he works with others in order to co- identify and reinforce strengths, as well as gain and enhance the specific set of skills which create balance, acceptance, and healing.

In addition to his clinical work, Adam has offered a lifetime of passionate devotion to supporting and enhancing the well-being of others and the community at large.  Among the achievements of which he is most proud, Adam co-founded the Anonymous Relief Mission, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting with relocation for women and children in Portage County, Ohio, attempting to rebuild after escaping domestic violence. In addition, he has provided support to women seeking escape from intimate partner violence, both within the shelters themselves, and via the Crisis Line.  Adam also has experience providing supportive care to individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.

Being an individual with many interests, Adam earned his Bachelor’s in History from Kent State University before following his passion for the helping professions. He enrolled in the Bachelor’s of Social Work at The University of Akron where he earned a and advance standing at the Cleveland State University/University of Akron Joint Master of Social Work program, with a focus on providing therapeutic supportive care for individuals, groups, and families.  During his studies, Adam took a particular interest in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders as well as crisis intervention.

In his spare time, Adam enjoys exploring his adopted hometown of Pittsburgh with his wife.  Adam has been a great believer in the tremendous healing power of fine art and music. Adam can often be found taking in the city’s vibrant and eclectic local music scene, enjoying the museums in Pittsburgh and surrounding cities, or trying his hand at various musical instruments.  For quieter times, Adam enjoys being at home caring for his two dogs, losing himself in literary fiction, following a whim for new things to learn, or reconnecting with nature whether it be in hiking boots or on a bike.

For an appointment with Adam or other Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh therapists near you, please call our Pittsburgh Center at 412-322-2129, Adam is able to meet at 830 Western Avenue Pittsburgh Pa 15233 or he can also provide distance solutions via Skype Counseling.


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