Jonathan McComas MA LPC Therapy and Counseling

Jonathan is a licensed counselor offering therapy for individuals, couples and children in Pittsburgh.

Jonathan McComas MA, LPC,  has been helping others manage and recover positive emotional, behavioral, and relational health for over 15 years. His areas of expertise including offering counseling and therapy for many emotions including anger, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, Jonathan has assisted many people in Western Pennsylvania who are experiencing and effected by various forms of addiction, including helping caregivers who are enduring the stress of helping a loved one enter into recovery from opiate, alcohol or other forms of addiction. Jonathan is also experienced in assisting with troubles in the family and offering support for couples and families in crisis, as well as children who were removed from their homes due to trauma, individuals in all forms of life transitions, divorce, infidelity, LGBTQIA+, married and partnered couples, as well maintaining health and recovery from severe and chronic mental health issues.

Jonathan uses a blended therapeutic approach which focuses on using mindfulness and cognitive behavioral therapy to enhance balanced awareness and to cope with triggers and emotions and support the redirection of behavioral outcomes. These are evidence based interventions which also lend from the strategies gleaned from acceptance therapy. These therapy techniques are founded in Jonathan’s style that is grounded in emotional awareness and mutual collaboration, these efforts have assisted many people in encountering grief in an constructive way and to move beyond the hurt of loss, to then change the focus toward moving in the hopeful direction that client wants to move.  By counseling the techniques of mindfulness and growing our self-awareness we gain insight into the powerful of unconscious influences on our emotions and behaviors.  This insight is proven to aid us in transition and the identification of the components of our needs that are vital to us and as we are able to prioritize what is important to us we uncover greater ease in adhering to the congruence of our future decision making model. Change and loss are immensely difficult, especially when it is forced but people are often stronger than they realize and able to overcome great hardships. Part of therapy will focus on identifying strengths, developing new strategies, setting goals and confronting negative self-talk, in order to help move you into a place of acceptance, understanding, greater clarity, and peace.

Jonathans academic training began while attending Marshall University, University of Delaware and he finally earned his master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Waynesburg University. When Jonathan is not at the Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh, he can be found biking around the city on the many off road and river trails, or at other times taking in the revelry of a rock concert. Jonathan also enjoys spending time outdoors where he tinkers upon building and fixing and is often the friend that people call upon when they need a hand to help with home improvement projects and Jonathan describes that all manners of fixing are his greatest pathway to Zen and really a time when his focused awareness reaches his apex, more than a few of his best “aha” moments were encountered this way.

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