Counseling and Couples Therapy

Meditation and Breath Coaching

Our mindfulness meditation session serves as an aid to help clients develop the fundamental tools to heighten our human capacity for calm, comfort, and awareness. Each session is tailored to make meditation accessible for people like you and me. Often when we hear the word meditation, we imagine mystics high atop a distant mountain, chanting with closed eyes, leading us to believe that meditation is reserved for lofty seekers of enlightenment. There is much more to the power of breathing, the mechanics of breath which are translatable to us, the urbanite and suburbanite, the person who is seeking a time tested source of relaxation and stress reduction. According to The National Institute of Health, meditation has been proven to enhance sleep, reduce anxiety, and lessen the symptoms associated with chronic pain and many forms of illness, as well as PTSD, to provide just a small list of its benefits. At the Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh, our clinicians have scoured the globe, learning from its ancient and modern healers. From indigenous peoples of the Thai jungles, the medicine men of the Peruvian Amazon, the religious masters of the Middle East. As our offering to you, please enjoy our free downloadable introduction to mindfulness meditation.

Herbal Workshops

Classes are designed to help you learn to care for yourself and your family by incorporating plants into your life and routine. We strive to make this information accessible and affordable. Many of us are taking pharmaceuticals, so we’re mindful of herb-drug interactions and contraindications in teaching you how to safely use plants. That said, most herbs we’ll discuss are gentle, safe for long-term use, and have very low incidences of side effects or interactions.

Our offerings include: Herbalism 101, Herbal Support for Anxiety and Depression, Herbal Support for Trauma and PTSD, Herbs for Transgender Health, Herbs for Immune Health, Kitchen Herbs, Herbal Support for Insomnia, Herbal Education for Healthcare Providers.

Herbal Consultations

Our Clinical Herbalist, Tara Beretsky, will listen closely to your health concerns, and offer education about traditional and research-based ways to support your well-being with herbs and appropriate diet and lifestyle changes. This includes taking a full health history, while maintaining a strong focus on your goals. Please note any prescriptions or supplements you’re taking, dosages, and associated diagnoses.

Using traditional knowledge, she’ll assess your constitution (personality, temperament, physical traits and tendencies), and match you with specific herbs. She’ll create a tasty tea and/or herbal extract formula, which you can purchase in-house or have made elsewhere. Handouts, tips, techniques, recipes and referrals are part of our offerings, and education for empowered self-care is a primary focus of this relationship.

Follow-ups are an important part of the process, and typically occur twice a month, monthly, or at quarterly intervals, depending on the issue.

$90 for initial 1 ½ hr intake

$45-60 for follow-ups


We stock the highest quality organic herbs we can find. Teas and herbal extracts are custom blended in our in-house apothecary and made available at significantly less than retail prices, but you’re welcome to fill your formulas elsewhere. Formulas are typically available within one week of the consultation.

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