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We know that we ignite our inner vitality, joy, and peace when we slow down, connect with our breath, and enter nature. Bring your mat or towel and flow with us.
Yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation will be located at
Allegheny Commons Park in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Address: Brighton Rd & Ridge Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15212
Summer Yoga in the Park Series

April 28-  “This class will serve as an Intro to Yoga. We will break down the sun salutations, find the foundations of each pose during a vinyasa sequence. Focusing on twisting, stretching and compressing the abdomen for a bit of ‘spring cleaning’ making space and setting intention to shed and lighten our spirits while inhaling the crisp spring air beneath the massive oak trees of Allegheny Commons Park.

May 5- Cinco De Mayo flow will feature a vinyasa flow to ignite the agni (fire) within. After a spicy vinyasa flow, we’ll move into a (salsa) dancer balancing pose and then cool it down with a seated sequence on the mat.  

May 12: Creativity with Kayla “The only unique contribution that we will ever make in this world will be born of our creativity.” This yoga practice will help us to let go of comparison and cultivate creativity – the true expression of our originality. Paired with a special essential oil.
May 19: meditation with Holly, learn the concepts of walking meditation this is a wonderful class for busy city dwellers who dont have much time to devote to a meditation practice.
May 26-  ‘OM’ we will practice and recite an OM together and then do a light flow focused on connecting and balancing while bringing our strength into becoming steady in our core. In true vinyasa nature we will focus on breathing and moving between postures while focusing on our breathing. There will be Tibetan singing bowls during savasana to deepen the meditation portion of the class.
June 2nd- Join meditation and mindfulness practitioner,
Holly McIntosh, as she takes you through a 6-part series of introducing tangible tools & techniques into your life as way to access compassion & basic goodness in your everyday life. Once we connect with the breath, thought, and emotion, we allow for space, growth, investigation and curiosity. Authentic presence
and a genuine heart arise and we become open to our own pain ans suffering of others. We become more alive and present in our world.
June 9: Authenticity with Kayla “Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” This yoga practice will help us let go of what people think and, instead, choose to live our lives authentically, on and off the mat. paired with a special essential oil.
June 30- Summer Solstice, In honor of the summer solstice we’ll salute the sun with an energizing flow a class for yang, the sun is the source of all energy and we will wake ourselves up and sync our flow to it. Tara will use essential oils at the end of the class to enter more deeply into the relaxation space.
July 7th- meditation with Holly.
July 28 Yamas- second: Satya (non-falsehood). Building on the first yama, the second yama is truthfulness, which can be difficult especially respecting the first yama. The second yama urges us to live and speak in truth as long as it is non-harmful to others. In class today we will focus on heart opening poses to find truthfulness in our practice.
July 21st- Intuition with Kayla “Intuition is our ability to hold space for uncertainty and our willingness to trust the many ways we’ve developed knowledge and insight.” This yoga practice will help us to let go of the need for certainty and open space to trust our inner voice. Paired with a special essential oil.
July 28-second: Satya (non-falsehood). Building on the first yama, the second yama is truthfulness, which can be difficult especially respecting the first yama. The second yama urges us to live and speak in truth as long as it is non-harmful to others. In class today we will focus on heart opening poses to find truthfulness in our practice.
August 4 Joy and Gratitude with Kayla: “Happiness is tied to circumstance and joyfulness is tied to spirit and gratitude.” This yoga practice will help us let go of fear and scarcity by bringing gratitude into our awareness and cultivating joy. Paired with an essential oil.
August 11th- Meditation with Holly.
August 25- Yamas – third: Asteya (non-stealing). Asteya not only means non-stealing of items, words or actions but also opposing social injustices or oppression. Practice today will focus on warrior variations as it takes strength to stand up for what is right. The warrior in yoga is strong but balanced, flow is synced to a mellow musical playlist.
September 8th-Meditation with Holly.
September 15 Calm and Stillness, with Kayla: “Stillness is about creating a clearing. Calm is creating perspective and mindfulness while managing emotional reactivity.” This yoga practice will help us let go of anxiety as a lifestyle and find value in calm and stillness as important aspects of our yoga and life practices. Paired with an essential oil.

Sept 22 The yoga a subtle flow which focuses on the truths of the Yamas – fourth: Brahmacharya (non-excess) Brahmacharya emphasizes moderation in all of our pursuits and activities. Where do you need to practice moderation? On this day, class will focus on balance. By emphasizing moderation Patanjali, the yoga master asserts that we will be healthier, stronger and wiser.

Sept 29 Yamas- fifth: Aparigraha (non-coveting)  The final class will cover the fifth yama, Aparigraha, letting go of anything that no longer serves us. When we cling to what we have, we lose the ability to be open to receive what we need. Today our flow will emphasize pulling in good energy while releasing that which no longer serves us.

All classes are free to the whole community and sponsored by The Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh and Monroeville in conjunction with the Pittsburgh Parks and in honor of our cities green spaces.

Be Jolly with Holly, Meditation and Acupuncture 

Be well with us this Holiday Season! Enhance your joy with a balancing and mood enhancing meditation led by Holly, excellent for those who are both practiced meditators or those who want to start their meditation practice. Holly will share with you mindfulness techniques from the Shambala Lineage of meditation. The meditation will be followed by an acupuncture session with Michele Wheeler of Wind in the Willows Acupuncture Center. Michelle will direct the acupuncture toward a center of your body that you would like to effect including option for mood, energy, and stress tolerance. All proceeds to this event will be donated to Light of Life Charity in our own Allegheny West Neighborhood.


Sunset Sequence, Yoga in The Park

Yoga therapy and wellness for your health

Sunset Yoga and Live Music


This is a celebration of life, breath, and earth! Tara Beretsky, will be leading an all levels mellow flow yoga class which will follow the journey of the sun as it sets on the week and nuzzles beneath the horizon. We will also be enjoying the symposium of a live musical accompaniment, helping us each cue into the harmony and balance of motion, breath, sound and the sunset. This is all levels meaning whether you are a seasoned yogi or someone who is trying for the first time, this is the yoga class for you.  Yoga is long reported to offer help as an anxiety and stress reducer, to offer strength and vitality to the body, we love yoga and we love our community so come and flow with us! This is a BYOM event, we will not be offering yoga mats so please bring a blanket or yoga mat to practice on!

Cost: Dear Community, we love you! As a ‘pay it forward’ thank you to the couples, families, friends and the health & wellness loving members of Pittsburgh! Come flow with us, connect, and be well, it’s FREE!

Location: Allegheny Commons Park the section next to The Aviary, find the Thomas Armstrong monument.

Date: First Friday of the month ALL SUMMER! July 7th, August 4th, September 1.

Time: 7pm.

Reserve your space today!



                                                                            Starlight Meditation

anxiety and stress relief for wellbeing and greater health

Starlight Meditation

Location: Allegheny Commons Park the section next to The Aviary, find the Thomas Armstrong monument.

Holly Macintosh, meditation therapist and wellness guru will be leading us on a starlight meditation. Seated amidst the cool summer grass in the canopy of Common’s park trees, we will tune in and connect to the sacred and abundant energy of meditation and breathing. The calming energy of the starlight as well as nature herself, have long been reported to settle the frenetic energy that we all sometimes experience. Frequent practitioners of meditation report enhancing well-being, greater ability to regulate stress, and some also can invoke a state of trance or complete giddy joy. Holly’s focus is on helping you to lead your breathing into a state of peaceful restoration, this also builds greater mind body connection that will allow you to enter deep active relaxation. In health and wellness, meditation is helpful tool and wonderful counter balance to the stress crisis of modern living, this is an instructional meditation that is suitable for the novice or beginner. This is a BYOB event, bring your own blanket or pillow to be seated upon while meditating.

Date: Thursday, July 20th 8pm

Location: Allegheny Commons Park the section next to The Aviary, find the Thomas Armstrong monument.

Cost: Dear Community, we love you! As a ‘pay it forward’ thank you to the couples, families, friends and the health & wellness loving members of Pittsburgh! Come and tune out, tune in, meditate with us and be well, it’s FREE!

Reserve your space!


Summer Soother Skin Balm, Make and Take!  

           Natural Health and Wellness

Saturday June 17th

Begins 10am

Want to find more natrual and homeopathic ways to care for your skin and body? Join us for a make and take botanical experince!! We will be supplying everthing you need to custom blend a skin soothing tincture of all natural essential oils which will help you find relief from some of the common summer skin irritations like bug bites, sun burns, and scrapes! Nicole Monteleone, MA, LPC, NBCC and  Doterra Consultant Sara Brubacker will share their plant and botanical wisdom in the creation of blended oils. We love the earth, its plants and the limitless ability it provides to excite, relax, and purify!

Bring a friend or make some friends!

                                                     Earth Day Celebration and Botanical Experience!  

Saturday April 22nd

Begins at 10am

Celebrate with us, we will come together to enjoy botanical oils and an earth inspired guided imagery meditation led by Nicole Monteleone, MA, LPC, NBCC.  Nicole will help you to take in the breath of the earth as we oxygenate and relax. Also on site, Doterra Consultant Sara Brubacker will share her plant and botanical wisdom to round out the morning with oils and enjoy the earths ability to excite, relax, and purify!

All guests will receive a free gift of frankincense as our earth day offering to you!

We will plenty of mothers earths best essential oils available for you to enjoy and use, however, please bring any personal favorite that you care to share!

Bring a friend or make some friends, our events are all offered in honor and celebration for all members of our community.

This is a free event for members of our Pittsburgh community, space is limited so registration is required.


Tantra Meditation

Offered by Holly Mcintosh

Wednesday February 22nd 


Many people are now turning to Tantra as a lifestyle practice. But beyond Tantra being a codeword for some kind of sexual marathon that Sting jokingly claimed to enjoy, what exactly is it? At its essence, Tantra is a practice that combines movement, breath, meditation and sound, to assist the Chakra energy system within the body to open. This opening allows dormant energy, known as Kundalini, to move up from the pelvis, along the spine. The movement of this life-force energy can help you to heal by loosening constrictions within the body that have developed over a lifetime. The expansion of the energy body also increases sensation, clairvoyance and one’s ability to connect with others. Tantra practices can also expand the energy body toward its true purpose — your true purpose. In this class, we will briefly touch upon aspects of tantra such as kundalini energy and the Chakra energy system. We will participate in a beautiful guided Kundalini Chakra Meditation that will help you to begin to allow yourself to connect to yourself and others in deep and profound way.

This meditation is being led by Holly McIntosh. Holly is a Holistic Practitioner who is lucky enough to split her time between the Steel City and her family’s winery and vineyard in Washington County. She has studied various forms of meditation for over 10 years, most recently spending the last five years studying at the Shambhala Center of Pittsburgh, with Acharya Adam Lobel, and at The Boulder Colorado Center with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. During this time she has also shared the teachings with the inmates at Allegheny County jail and students at Little Wound School in Pine Ridge, SD. Additionally, she has worked at the manager of community outreach for the office of the Mayor of Pittsburgh. As a Level 3 Reiki Practitioner, she has taught and shared the gifts of energy healing and transmission with hundreds of people including the people she met and worked with during a three-week Sacred Geometry December 2012 tour of Mexico with Mayan scientist and philosopher, Ac-Tah.


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