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50 Wellness Keys To Happiness

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50 Wellness Keys to Living a Happy Healthy Life

Our therapists and wellness gurus have compiled a list of 50 happiness keys- Be Well PGH!

  • Make peace with your past.
  • Have faith in the future.
  • Find love for everyone but love some very deeply, this may require learning how to love and feel.
  • Forgive yourself, forgive others, especially those who have not asked for it.
  • Trust yourself and honor your feelings, feelings will guide you if you let them.
  • Find a passion, something that makes you feel alive, practice it regularly.
  • Learn the difference between being emotionally reactive and emotionally reflective.
  • Prioritize a deep sense of safety and never entertain people or places which stir in you feelings of fear.
  • Keep dreaming, nurturing the flame in others and yourself.

    Connected with the earth

    Woman of The Earth

  • Mindfully indulge your bodies appetites for food, play, connection.
  • Learn to find and enjoy the comfort in silence.
  • Make time for solitude, it is here that our creativity and vitality is rejuvenated.
  • Pay attention to the words that you speak to yourself and to others.
  • Wish success, beautiful love, and peace for your partners of the past.
  • Try your best, push past the limits, that is where the magic happens.
  • Know when to quit, some ideas and people are best left behind.
  • Be cautious of too much routine.
  • Regularly break into song and dance.
  • Connect with The Earth and learn to hear The Words in the Wind.
  • Learn to breathe with intention and harness the power of your lungs.
  • Stare up at The Stars on long clear nights and think of the infinite.
  • Don’t let other’s perception of you define your self-esteem.
  • If you want to know someone, watch the way that they treat others in their life.
  • Cling fervently to your intuition.
  • Spend time closely with the elderly, they hold the wisdom.
  • Recognize how short and special each moment of life.
  • Hold hands while crossing the street.
  • If you experience anxiety or depression start to manage it.
  • Encourage yourself as you would others.
  • Travel somewhere far away where you know nobody.
  • Become enchanted with a strange place, person, or idea.
  • Scoop a hand full of soil into your hands and smell it.
  • Take off your shoes and walk in the grass.
  • Stand the wrong way in an elevator.
  • Stop and smell the spring flower blossoms no matter how hurried you are.
  • Meditate upon love and light, glow with the thrumming of universal consciousness.
  • Stretch often, get to know the little intricacies of your body, your sacred space.
  • Savor the feeling of your heart beating fast from exercise, kissing, or the unknown.
  • Do something for someone who can not or will not return the favor.
  • Talk to a homeless person, hear their story.

    Nature grows, earthing.

    Nature grows, earthing the street

  • Organize your home and office, a organized mind creates and organized space and life.
  • Be cautious of being overly organized 🙂
  • Strive for balance in all things!!! ^^^^
  • Take Vitamins and eat meals made from delicious food instead of powders or meal replacements.
  • Eat glorious multicolored fruits and vegetables.
  • Indulge in the second piece of CAKE!
  • Chew slowly and savor for a long time.
  • Create a meal without using a recipe.
  • Paint something abstract without caring how it turns out.
  • Tell your parents you love them and make sure they know you mean it.
  • Don’t speak in the heat of anger, the words can never be taken back.
  • Love an Animal as you would a friend.
  • Don’t pay attention to numbers on the scale, bank account, or the years of life.
  • Know that there is a deep, profound Sacredness illuminating all things.

These are our wellness keys for health and happiness!

Be Well Pittsburgh,

The Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh

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