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Relationships; Repair or Run, Top 5 Ways To Know

Repair or Run, relationship counseling

Repair or Run, relationship counseling

Repair or Run; Relationship Checklist 

Whether married, dating, in a long or short term relationship, despite our most valiant efforts, sometimes our love becomes disharmonious, with that being said, each person we date or meet doesn’t have the personal and relationship skills to create a beautiful love song that will echo into eternity. Perhaps you are like most people who can relate to having been conflicted about whether or not to remain in a relationship.  Friends, family, and romantic partners alike can bring so much joy and enrichment into our lives and hope, coupled with happy peaceful times allow us to remain steadfast and true when we run upon difficult moments. However, sometimes despite our protests and discussions we may find that the relationship has taken a turn leaving us feeling down and discouraged?  Below are questions to ask ourselves to prompt considerations which will help us to determine whether or not a relationship is worth the continued investment.

Does this person want what is best for me?

Those whom we allow in our lives should have our best interest at heart.  The decisions we make have a direct impact on our lives.  Therefore, the closest people to us, should encourage us to make good  decisions.  Our relationships should drive us to be mindful of the decisions we make and any guidance offered should be free of ulterior motive.  A solid foundation, in a nurturing environment, allows for growth.

Have I abandoned my own values to have this person in my life?

Values can be defined as what is important in ones life.  If we abandon what is important in our lives, we abandon the very fiber that makes us who we are.  Sometimes we start very early to look past certain red flags like smoking, or drinking, or a temper in order to be patient and compassionate but it is important to understand and have boundaries as well as “deal breakers.” Just as well as other factors such as valuing sexual connection, health, and time as high priorities and coupling with others who value the same.

Do I trust them?

The ability to trust someone involves several fundamental components:  reliability, honesty, integrity, and security.  Those in whom we invest should possess such characteristics.  Without these, and without trust, a foundation cannot be built and therefore, a relationship cannot be sustained.  One should never invest in a faulty foundation. On the other hand, in order to trust another we first must trust ourselves.

Am I significant to this person?

The heart of significant human relationships can be found in the ability to influence each other.  When we influence one another, we are shown that our existence has meaning and what we think and believe is important.  The relationships in which we invest should make us feel that we are worthy of attention.  You deserve to feel like a priority!

Is this relationship is one sided?

In order to feel happy in a relationship, one must feel like his or her needs are being met.  Often, when a relationship is one sided, we are left feeling dissatisfied because one or more of our needs have been ignored.  Investment in a relationship involves mutual communication, vulnerability, and commitment.  It is a vital necessity to mutually value and appreciate in a loving relationship.


In love and relational wellness,

Corynn Koos Ma, LPC, NCC

Therapist and Relationship Counselor at The Counseling and Wellness Center of Pittsburgh


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